The War Against Black Male/Black Female Relationships – Part 1

Posted: February 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

Anyone who watches television or movies or reads magazines should know exactly what this post is about

When did black male and black female couples become obsolete?


(State Farm commercial of a black male proposing to a white female)

I have NEVER ONCE seen a commercial for a jewelry company of a black male proposing to a black female


I have watched with increasing dismay the landslide of advertising over the last two years that depicts either one of the following:

  1. A dark or brown-skinned black male with a white female (with or without children)
  2. A dark or brown-skinned black male with a racially ambiguous or bi-racial female with light skin and curly hair (with or without children)
  3. A bi-racial male and female couple
  4. A dark or brown-skinned black male alone with children who are obviously bi-racial with light skin and curly hair.
  5. Black males who are isolated from other black people and are “best buddies” with white males and females
  6. A black female (often a bi-racial female) with a white male


(A white male with a bi-racial female)

Now, some might say, “Hey, this is racial progress! It’s about ‘diversity.'”

BUT if that was true why wouldn’t there be as many black male/black female couples as there are mixed and white couples?

Why is it so rare to see a brown or dark-skinned black male with a brown or dark-skinned black female paired in a commercial AS A COUPLE with children who look black?

And why are the vast majority of the “black females” in TV commercials bi-racial?

In fact, it is rare to see a brown or dark-skinned black female on TV at all — unless she is overweight and portrayed as someone who is sexually undesirable.


(A dark-skinned black male proposing to a bi-racial, light-skinned curly-haired female)

Over 95% of “black children” in TV commercials are bi-racial when the VAST MAJORITY of black children are brown-skinned.


(The bi-racial “granddaughter of a white couple)


(A USAA Insurance commercial)

Yet, there is NO SHORTAGE of white couples in love and white parents with their children.





Yet, in spite of all the “integrated” commercials promoting interracial love, overt racism, black unemployment, murder by police of unarmed black males AND females is on the rise.

Are we really that foolish as a people to measure our “progress” (or lack of it) by the number of interracial couples and bi-racial children we see in TV commercials and TV programs? I would like to believe NOT.

An even more important question:

What are the odds that all these different and diverse companies and advertisers from insurance to jewelry retailers to mattresses manufacturers and food companies ALL promote the same IMAGES of the bi-racial person as the “new and improved  black” while deliberately excluding the image of black males and black females loving each other and reproducing with each other?

That alone should tell us that there is a very insidious and dangerous agenda at work.


I came to the conclusion years ago that there is no independent media, entertainment industry OR corporate entity in the U.S.

They are all controlled by the hidden hands and their combined willingness to promote images that run counter to the collective interests of black males and females by making it seem UNNATURAL to be together along with the promotion of black homosexuality MUST BE part of a collective secret agenda which serves ONLY ONE PURPOSE:

To reduce our ability COLLECTIVELY to love, respect, desire and REPRODUCE BLACK CHILDREN WITH EACH OTHER.

It also attacks our collective self-esteem by reinforcing our black genetic “inferiority,” a curse that can only be removed by breeding with (superior) white and non-black people to produce smarter and more attractive “black people.”

It also increases the hostility of black females toward black males collectively for their highly visible “betrayal” — even though this betrayal is largely manufactured by the advertising and media industry.

And it increases the level of despair and dysfunction with the black female population many of who will never marry BUT who will at the same time raise the NEXT BLACK GENERATION.

If the mother of a nation is not protected and respected so she can pass that self-esteem along to her children, that nation is doomed for EXTINCTION. (which, perhaps, is the end goal?)

It is easy to see the massive self-esteem damage in the way some of our sisters reject their beautiful, God-given hair and bodies in order to imitate that which they see as more beautiful on the TV and movie screen. And how many have given up the fight to have a respectful relationship with a man because they do not believe (deep down) that they deserve one.

This self-contempt and deep-seated anger often evolves into contempt — even hatred — for her mirror images:


Who then become her competition for a shrinking supply of black males able and willing to commit to an “inferior” black female.

One thing that is often overlooked:

the disgust and resentment of the white collective in response to these images, both white males AND white females. Make no mistake. Contrary to all the media propaganda, the majority of white people do NOT approve of interracial relationships between blacks and whites and MAY take out this resentment in the form of more police abuse, more unjust jury trial outcomes, more black unemployment, and more discrimination against blacks, in particular, the black male.


Another FACT:

The white birth rate worldwide is in a serious decline to such an extent that there is a worldwide panic that whites will soon be extinct.

But, unlike black people collectively, when whites collectively see something that threatens their survival


Regardless of how cruel or unethical their methods might be.


As I have explained in detail in all my books, by programming the highly melanated black male to breed with white females instead of other equally melanated black females, he will create bi-racial children who for the most part will:

  1. will look nothing like him or his family members
  2. will not be part of the black struggle against white supremacy
  3. who will in all likelihood be greatly white identified
  4. will divorce themselves from their “black side”causing a fracture in the continuation of the black family (whereas whites work hard to maintain a family legacy that continues for GENERATIONS)
  5. and will in all likelihood marry and breed with a white person until the third generation will look and function as white people, effectively wiping out any connection to their “black side” WHILE INCREASING THE WHITE POPULATION WITH MORE GENETICALLY MELANATED (FERTILE) ‘WHITE PEOPLE.’
  6. And one of the most important points of all is WHY THE DARKEST-SKINNED BLACK MALE IS USUALLY THE ONE WHO IS PORTRAYED WITH A WHITE FEMALE:  BECAUSE OF HIS MELANIN. By impregnating the white female, the dark-skinned, highly melanated black male is actually INCREASING the fertility of future white generations because there is a great likelihood that his bi-racial children will MARRY AND BREED WITH A WHITE PERSON.

In essence, the black male who breeds with a white female (and the black female who breeds with a white male) will BUILD NOTHING THAT CONTRIBUTES TO FUTURE BLACK GENERATIONS.

Not a power base.

Not an economic base.

NOTHING that will help to eliminate the system of white supremacy.

And are promoting their own genetic self-genocide.

This has been MY experience based on many years of observation. Others might disagree.

Now, the only question that must be asked is what is the END GOAL of their agenda toward the most melanated people on this planet?

And what should be our intelligent, self-respecting response?

Do we CONTINUE to financially support the advertisers who so disrespectfully promote our own demise?

Do we CONTINUE to let the television babysit (program) our brown and dark-skinned children and watch programs and commercials that make them obsolete?

Or do we start challenging these images by TALKING ABOUT THEM with other black people and come up with an action plan that hits them in their POCKETS and lets them know that we are not the brain-dead, remote-controlled black robots they take us for?

I will end here so all can digest what has been written as food for thought.

One more thing:

Please share this link with others.

We must stop being armchair quarterbacks OR accept the dire consequences of our apathy and our share of the blame for what happens to us as a people.

  1. Trojan Pam says:

    Again and again, I have asked people MULTIPLE TIMES not to post profane, anti-black videos or links that advertise the ignorance of certain youtubers and that feed the flame wars between black males and females without contributing ONE THING to healing the damage between black males and females.

    If some people feel compelled to post whatever they want, I suggest they get their own blog.

    I will delete these videos and if it continues I will block the person that continues to do it

    You may post PERSONAL COMMENTS from your own experiences but I will not be a form of advertising for ignorant, profane anti-black people.

    This is the last time I will say this before I block the offenders.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Trojan Pam:

      I’m sorry. I posted that one vdo in response to The original BlackWoman’s comment as an example if what she was talking about regarding this gender war in our community. I won’t do it afain.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Courtney

        You have shared a lot of important information but I would like to stay away from profane, anti-black commentary on YouTube. I believe it does more harm than good and I do not want this blog to promote those YouTube channels. However, feel free to express your own personal opinions.

        All I ask of everyone — including myself — is to do it in a respectful manner and anyone who can’t complete a sentence without profanity and posts that madness publicly is not someone I want to promote.

        Remember, even a fool can mix a little truth in with a whole lot of lies.

        I caution black females, especially, to guard their minds and spirits against the poison certain black males are spewing out into the universe. It will sink into your unconscious without you even knowing it.

        And we should not fool ourselves into thinking these males (and females) are talking about “other black females.”

        No, they are talking about you and me and our mothers and sisters and daughters and nieces and friends and they are their own worst enemies because there is no way on earth you can spew out that much poison without poisoning yourself.

        The rotten fruits of their hateful rants will visit their doorsteps in the near future, that I guarantee you.

        • Courtney H. says:

          @Trojan Pam & Timothy:

          Thank you much for your responses. I have to admit that I told people on your last post that I would wean myself from those foo km s on YouTube, and don’t watch their videos as much as I used to do, but now I realize that I have to cut them off cold turkey. You’Re right that these folks get into our consciousness when we don’t know it. Getting away from people like that is a way of improving ourselves.

          Again, thank so much.

          • Courtney H. says:

            Oops! It should read “those fools on YouRube.”

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Courtney

            What makes these videos so dangerous is:

            1. The white supremacists are masters at programing and mind manipulation and they use all kinds of methods to get inside our heads

            2. We have no idea who these You Tubers really are, if they are black, OR who they work for.

            3. What you watch and listen to becomes part of your brain matter, part of your conscious AND subconscious mind and part of WHO YOU ARE. I know people would like to think they are “too smart” to be programmed but that is EGO talking.

            Our brains are SPONGES and they absorb EVERYTHING we see and hear and feel. We are ALL programmed in ways that would shock us if we really understood how deep it goes.

            4. People sprinkle in bits of truth to hide the STINK of their lies.

            5. Garbage in, garbage out, bottom line.

            I’m glad that you’re moving away from this kind of abusive AND self-abusive behavior.

            We need to preserve our energies for more constructive and self-respecting and black-self-respecting activities

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            You’re Welcome.

            Life is journey and we are constantly in favor of the improvement of the black community. Part of that journey is to promote overtly pro-black messages since we encounter so much negativity in the world. It is very paramount that black men and black women not only establish positive relationships, but fully understand the vindictive, heinous nature of the system of racism/white supremacy. We can easily articulate our views on Africa, on relationships, on history, on culture, etc. excluding the distractions that racists show. I certainly wish the best for you like always.

            This is a fight for our literal survival as we have to address our problems if we want any resolution or solutions. Also, we all made mistakes and we grow. Within ourselves as black people, promoting more positive energy deals with reducing conflict, helping our communities, speaking up against injustice, and continuing to live our lives in the positive way. The best allies of righteous black men are righteous black women and vice versa. The relationships of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz, Dr. King and Coretta Scott King, Medgar Evers and Myrlie Evers-Williams, and Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee outline black relationships dealing with sacrifice, love, togetherness, activism, and strength. Those relationships are the types of relationships that we want to flourish.

            Thank you for your words Sister Courtney.

  2. K. Smith says:

    Just as I was reading this blog, I saw a new pharmaceutical commercial with an ambiguous biracial woman and two biracial children. The male was lightskinned and/or biracial. Just yesterday I went to brunch by myself, and witnessed a party of three black males (one brownskinned, two biracial looking) with a white woman. They refused to even make eye contact with me, which was interesting since the space was small and every other person in there seemed to make eye contact with each other. Just something I noted.
    The reign of the biracial atheletes and entertainers has of course begun. They were gradually introducing them, at first. One here, one there. Blake griffins, and colin kapernicks. But yesterday, while watching march madness, I saw an entire starting line-up that was biracial (well, 4 out of 5). They are replacing the brownskin atheletes with these half white hybrids.
    But yeah, I stopped watching tv some years ago. i’ll watch a movie or sports sometime, but not television or news. It’s very anti-black, and causes all kinds of mental illness in black people. I try to tell folks sometimes, but they dont wanna listen. A lot of black people just aren’t smart enough to understand what’s going on. First, you have to have an understanding of basic psychology. The lack of intelligence is cultivated through diet, lifestyle, poisoned water, self-hate, etc. It’s just a vicious cycle. I hate to see older self-hating blacks that feed into colorism, and hatred of other black people.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ K Smith

      The programming is so obvious that it’s hard to understand why most of us do not see. I have also noticed the increasing number of blacks with a white parent in professional athletics.

      And, I have had the same experience on an increasing level — the refusal of black males to make eye contact with me. It was puzzling at first and then it began to be annoying as I found myself starting to do the same thing more and more often: PUT YOU ON IGNORE. Now that is not “counter-racism” in action but it is human.

      I feel that some of it is due to anti-blackness, confusion, fear and guilt. They know something is wrong with their behavior, otherwise they wouldn’t be defensive about it, but their confusion is so great, they can’t find a way out it

      But the one thing I do know is the day when the white system, racist man and/or racist woman put that foot up that “A”, WE (black women) will be the FIRST ones they come to for help

      I have seen this happen over and over again. The black female as the rescuer of black adult males and black boys. And even when I see black men come to the aid of other black males or boys, there is usually a black female involved AND had she not been there, I believe the efforts would have been less.

      This is not to put down anyone BUT i will speak the truth about what I have witnessed.

      You’re right, many if not most black people have no real interest in understanding our–their–oppression and have been hypnotized by our endless, almost fanatical TV and movie watching to the extent where our BRAIN COMPUTERS have turned to jelly.

      Sometimes, the best you can do is to make sure that you keep your own head straight and minimize contact with toxic people.

  3. Victor Palmer says:

    Labelling a non-white person dark skin is part of the problem.

  4. Miss Pam

    Last night, I had an hour long conversation with a female friend of mine about this topic. According to her logic:

    When you feel powerless and trapped, you invent things to give yourself power. For black males, who cannot be “real, functioning men” in this racist system, he “invents” his power by lording over black females (he knows he CANNOT do this to a white one) who are (usually) smaller and weaker than he is. Therefore, he is “The Man.”

    For the black female, who cannot function as “real functioning women”, they turn to education, education, education (something she knows many black males DO NOT possess) , church ( “Jesus loves me!” ) and shopping to feel as if they are worth something.

    His way is dominant.
    Her way is submissive.
    Both are Destructive.

    I told her what’s missing in our community is cross-validation.

    Men chase women.

    NOT the other way around.

    Women ALLOW themselves to be caught by a man that has “proven” himself.

    Thusly, his manhood (healthy aggressiveness), sexuality and virility is validated and her femininity (healthy passivity), sexuality and ability to give him children is validated.

    BOTH want the same thing.

    It’s just in different ways according to Nature.

    When you do not value your self and mirror image, the next step is subtle suicide.

    • Victor Palmer says:

      Your comments make a lot of sense.

      The real fight is not allowing your emotions to prevent you from thinking.

      You direct your emotions to logic and that will help you to understand what the system of white supremacy is, and how it works.

      Slavery never ended! The same thing that happened to your grandmother and grandfather is still happening to you 24/7.

      America is not a person. America is an idea that hasn’t been realized.

      Americans don’t practice racism. The white People who practice racism are the practitioners of the global business system of white supremacy, which is functional racism.

      Logic based thinking will teach you how to act as a prisoner of war, because that is what you are.

      You have been living in captivity for over six centuries with no justice whatsoever!

      We are yet to be Americans.

      Replace racism with justice!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      who said:

      “When you feel powerless and trapped, you invent things to give yourself power. For black males, who cannot be “real, functioning men” in this racist system, he “invents” his power by lording over black females (he knows he CANNOT do this to a white one) who are (usually) smaller and weaker than he is. Therefore, he is “The Man.”

      For the black female, who cannot function as “real functioning women”, they turn to education, education, education (something she knows many black males DO NOT possess) , church ( “Jesus loves me!” ) and shopping to feel as if they are worth something.

      His way is dominant.
      Her way is submissive.
      Both are Destructive.”

      I repeat it because I believe this is an accurate and brilliantly stated truth. The roles of male and female have become distorted in this society. Confusion reigns supreme which brings about hostility and counter-productive behavior of which we are witnessing right now.

      Unfortunately, most people seem to get ALL their cues from the mainstream media/entertainment industry and its influences has been a total disaster, especially for the victims of white supremacy

      • @ Miss Pam

        Thank you.

        A reader emailed me to ask me “what should I do?” I made a suggestion to her. A simple one.

        For one day a week, can you turn off the TV and keep it off?

        She answered “I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

        I asked her why.

        She stated, “I need it.”

        That made me pause. And think. HARD.

        What is TV doing to us that we’re addicted to it? What kind of invisible rays are being emitted into our brains that we simply cannot tuned it out even for one day?

        Something I learned to do, which was the hardest most difficult thing I’ve EVER done in my entire life, is to separate my emotions from logic.

        When I began to do this and approach each situation from a 100% analytical approach, answers suddenly came to me. The reason why whites have had the upper advantage over us for 500 years is because they STUDY us in depth.

        What makes us tick. What we like, hate and RESPOND to. They put out BETA tests to gauge our reaction over certain situations and then formulate plans to further enslave us. And we keep falling for it. This is why EVERY race has said, “Black people are the dumbest race on earth.”

        Every man knows, intrinsically, that their women are:

        1. The real leaders of their community
        2. That they cannot live without their females
        3. Without women, that look like them, they will die

        Why is this important?

        By convincing certain black males that he can live and function without the aid, love, guidance and support of his mirror image, you convince him to commit passive suicide.

        This is one of the many, yet most effective ways, to rid the planet of black people.


        Black men know this too even though they deny it. How do I know?

        They erupt in mass panic, volcanic rage and terrible desperation when they see a black female, who is “put together” and VERY desirable, CHOOSE to give her time, energy and seed (womb) to a white/ non black man.

        They simply cannot fathom or handle this. Hence the childish name calling and adamant rage towards her. I’ve heard black men on the bus and in Dunkin Donuts harshly criticize Kerry Washington for playing a FICTIONAL character who loves to “F that jew.” The same goes for Viola who is married (?) to a jew ( I don’t watch these shows so I’m guessing ).

        What we need to do, starting now, is turn the dial to the most destructive invention ever made to the LEFT, learn to meditate to heal ourselves and begin to forgive each other because we are BOTH to blame in this mess.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ diaryofanegress

          Once again, you’ve provided a ton of food for thought. I have to agree, the most destructive mass mind weapon being used against black people is the TELEVISION and all the excessive video/movie watching,

          Plus all the wasted, brain-crushing internet entertainment and YouTube foolishness, and that also includes the FACEBOOK-ing of meaningless personal trivia (look at what I ate!) and “selfies”

          taking us all back to a STAGE of ADOLESCENCE where the world revolves around us

          Our reckless disregard for our own survival is due to a great degree to all that movie watching with Denzel and Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock and Viola Davis and Kerry Washington and Tyler Perry, etc, because in the movies, racism is all but a distant memory, and black people are treated as the equals of white people and the world is such a wonderful integrated paradise, where white women LOVE them some sexy black men and white men WANT them some hot black women

          At least that’s what the movies tell us, right?

          And we suck it right in, hook line and dynamite

          Because I’ve actually HEARD grown (over 40) black males on my job say how much white females love black men

          Yet, they are also constantly complaining about the way “white people” treat black males

          including stories about white females falsely accusing black males of rape or being “prejudiced”


          How racist one of our WHITE FEMALE managers is


          And everywhere I look, black males by the droves are breeding and dating white females, shopping at Wal-Mart, or dining at restaurants, or shopping for groceries

          And I suspect, more and more black females are throwing up their hands and their skirts, saying, what the hell, if I can’t beat him, I might as well join him in my own sexual and psychological suicide

          because in MOST CASES, in fact, the vast majority of cases, these tragic “relationships” or “arrangements” as some prefer to call it SELDOM lead to marriage and seldom LAST.

          In the end, the black male has “dropped” a ton of “biracial” babies to be raised by often RACIST white females and has moved on, and the black female has another “secret” she has to keep for fear of being judged a “white man’s whore”

          (Funny how the black male is never described as the white female’s male whore…)

          In any case, reality has a strange way of sneaking up on the foolish, naive, apathetic, and unsuspecting and laying you out cold and flat on your back especially when war is being waged against a group of people and they fail to come together for their own survival.

          You don’t have to be a genius to guess the ending to that movie

  5. dana carter says:

    I dont think BM worship of non black women pushed BW to date WM. These BW always wanted to date WM. You marry and procreate with what you value. Many BW value WM. I have seen many BW with white men who are either way past their prime, starting their 2nd family well into their 50s/60s after have a white one or WM who the white community threw away. I mean you never see a white man in his prime, well to do go into an average black neighborhood looking to meet BW or even taking a BW out of her neighborhood to make her a stay at home housewife. It just doesnt happen but the reverse does. Many times, BW have to bring everything to the table (good job) to date a WM that is not as successful as she is. WM do not treat BW as damsels in distress but more so perhaps an equivalent to their white male co worker I would say. The role reversal in these relationships is quite blatant. BM on the other hand will “save” a poor/average white women. Any sane black person who’s open to dating all races would reject the trash of that community but this is not happening. The trash of the White community happens to be very successful in many circles in the black community.

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